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Why You Need a Long Form Sales Page for Your Premium Priced Service thumbnail

You finally hit publish on your freelance website and you’re getting trickles of traffic to your services page. Someone's even recommending you in Facebook Groups but all that work is resulting in ZERO enquiries. It’s the worst feeling ever! You feel defeated and deflated. But guess what, it’s not YOU, it’s your services page on Read More

Keep More of Your Cash with the Home Office Tax Deduction thumbnail

Does the thought of taking the home office tax deduction cause you anxiety? You’re not alone. The home office deduction used to be associated with something everyone wants to avoid – an IRS audit. This caused many people to avoid taking the deduction even if they could legitimately claim it.     Fortunately, simplified rules Read More

7 Steps to Go From Freelancing to Passive Income thumbnail

A freelancing career can be very lucrative and rewarding. While it affords you a lot of freedom in how you're able to spend your time, it can be very difficult to scale into a business since you have to deal with everything from marketing, research, customer service, to the actual work.     At a Read More

5 Common Copy Mistakes and How to Make It More Desirable thumbnail

Have you ever landed on a webpage where the words didn't flow with your brain and you just felt like "ugh forget it" and then clicked away from the page? If you're browsing the Internet, chances are you're either reading a blog or watching a video. So the chances of coming across bad content or Read More

Work Smart: How I Get More Done in Less Time thumbnail

  This method is how I get All The Things done without: Losing my mind Annoying my very patient husband (but it happens sometimes anyway) Missing a beat with my web design business and my very special FTFP community Now, I’m not saying there are not still days where I want to invent a time Read More

How Long Should You Give Clients To Pay Invoices? thumbnail

Net 30 is one of the most common invoicing payment terms used by small, medium and large businesses. While it is a standard payment practice, it isn’t the same for all size businesses, and this is especially true for freelancers and solopreneurs. Today I’ll explain what Net 30 is, why many use it and why Read More

How To Rock Co-Working As A Freelancer thumbnail

Are you bored of working from home? Fed up with firing up your laptop in a busy coffee shop? But can’t afford an expensive office space to run your business? Co-working offers a middle ground - you can rent a professional shared work space on a flexible day-by-day basis. You get to work with fellow Read More

Should You Put Pricing On Your Website thumbnail

The debate rages on -- to display your prices up-front or not, that is the question. And it’s a question that plagues freelancers All. The. Time. Like any good debate, there are strong arguments for and against. Me, I’ve always been firmly in the “for” camp. But nothing convinced me (and will convince you) as Read More

Tips to Make Getting Great Testimonials Easy thumbnail

Testimonials are super important because they're social proof on your website. If someone is looking at you, they're probably looking at a lot of other freelancers, deciding who they want to go with for your particular service. Having lots of testimonials with headshots, explaining how awesome you are, makes those potential clients want to hire you! So Read More

Build Your Own Board of Directors In 15 Minutes thumbnail

Yes, you absolutely need a board of directors for your business. I recommend Prince, Oprah and Lady Gaga. Stick with me here. Regardless of your industry and skillset, a few things in your entrepreneurial life are fixed. For certain you’ll find yourself at some point or another: Making wildly complex decisions on the fly, Overwhelmed Read More

5 Reasons No One is Buying What You’re Selling thumbnail

Why do we put off important things that need to be done? Maybe we’re just soooo busy (oh, come on…who isn’t?!) or maybe it’s one of those out of sight, out of mind things. Even little (not so important) things get put off - like folding the clothes, mowing your yard, making that dreaded doctor’s Read More

How to Balance Personal vs. Professional in Your About Page Copy thumbnail

About pages are the worst — writing one feels like you’re the new kid in class and the teacher’s asking you to introduce yourself … except you’re not talking to 23 kids, you’re potentially talking to the whole world. But you know you have to have one. So after a quick four cups of coffee Read More

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